Dead Bird Blues (2019-ongoing)

Dead Bird Blues (2019) is a slowly turning mandala composed of Chamberlin’s photographs of a Northern Parula, a migratory warbler that died in a collision with a high-rise bank window in downtown Muncie, Indiana. The mandala completes one sequence each hour.

A limited number of Dead Bird Blues banners are available for purchase from our store.

Basking in Gravity: Dead Bird Blues at Healer, Indianapolis

Basking in Gravity: Dead Bird Blues is a participatory mindfulness installation that combines yoga and meditation with the Dead Bird Blues mandala as video projection and a series of textile banners. The installation also features a soundtrack of New Age, ambient, drone, dub, and “cosmic metal,” as heard on Chamberlin’s weekly Inter-Dimensional Music broadcast on WQRT Indianapolis and Marfa Public Radio on the West Coast of Texas. 

Chamberlin’s yoga and meditation teaching takes concepts from yoga and Zen and emphasizes their implications for radical body acceptance and use as a tool for escaping false binaries. This is the body we have today, the only body, the ultimate body, the every body. Our practice is an opportunity to feel gravity pulling our bodies apart, a celebration of the infinite flux of life, and a chance to drift and sink into the flow of our fluids.

Basking in Gravity: Dead Bird Blues has been installed at Healer (Indianapolis, IN) and Magick City (Brooklyn, NY).