South Plateau Adobe Ruin (SPAR) (2014 – 2016)



The South Plateau Adobe Ruin (SPAR) is a “totally legit” squat gallery in Marfa, Texas. Launched by Daniel Chamberlin in March of 2014, the project is informed by ideas about reclaiming abandoned spaces, guerilla gardening and some of Donald Judd’s thoughts on making use of existing structures with minimal disturbance.


SPAR has featured work from Chamberlin and Tyler Spurgin and is furnished with a Westport chair by Sam Winks. The gallery also includes flora sourced from local gardens and wilderness areas by botanists Michael Eason and Joselyn Fenstermacher. We are in discussions about future projects with Natalie Diaz and Sarah Melendez.

The SPAR is a place of quiet contemplation, and open to anyone who doesn’t fear entering an abandoned house at the dark end of the street.

For more information on visiting the SPAR or about the work contained inside its crumbling walls, contact Daniel Chamberlin. If you visit independently, keep in mind that SPAR is an abandoned house: Enter at your own risk, use an inside voice, don’t disturb the wasps and leave no trace.