ID Music x Basking in Gravity (2020-ongoing)

Inter-Dimensional Music + Basking in Gravity 20200717
• A self-guided yoga + meditation practice
• Audio + playlist at
• Originally simulcast with the Far West Texas transmission of ID Music on Sunday July 19 at 11p-12a CST

This is a self-guided practice experiment that was originally simulcast from Cosmic Chambo Studios in downtown Muncie, Indiana in front of a live studio audience consisting entirely of sleeping cats.

ID Music 20200717 is thick with heavy mellows, and features new sounds from some of the artists who participated in my ongoing Void Contemplation Tactics meditation video series: PJS, Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena, Growing, Tengger, Wife Signs, Lunaria, and Inner Travels. The visuals are from the same video series, mostly heavily manipulated digital video of the White River and Prairie Creek Reservoir in East Central Indiana.

Special thanks to the Muncie Arts & Culture Council for their support of this project. 

Opening meditation: 
10m of sitting in whatever configuration works for your body. We’ll be hearing language through the broadcast from Affirming Faith in Mind by Seng Ts’an, the Third Zen Patriarch.

DangleSquat x 2

Toe squat

Wrist stretch 1

Ankle stretch

Wrist stretch 2 (seagull)

Child’s pose

Melting heart


Supported butterfly fish

Eye of the needle 1

Reclining twist 1

Eye of the needle 2

Reclining twist 2

Dead bug

Also known as corpse pose, this is the ultimate yin pose, a simulation of the final release of death and an opportunity for you to let gravity call your body home to the dirt. Laid back.

Closing meditation

Inter-Dimensional Music +
Basking in Gravity
Monday July 6, 2020
8-9p ET

An experiment combining self-guided yin yoga and sitting meditation with slow-moving aquatic video projections and Inter-Dimensional Music. 

• Audio: ID Music streaming and on the Indianapolis airwaves at 
• Visual: Live-streaming from downtown Muncie, IN via YouTube
• Physical: Yoga mat and/or meditation cushion recommended, but not required

This is a free participatory experience with no instruction: Do what works for you. If you have questions or comments, find me online everywhere at Cosmic Chambo.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic all in-person mindfulness installations and yoga sessions are canceled until further notice. Stay home.