Published in Arthur Magazine, Budget Travel, LA Weekly, RES, Spin, Miami New Times, URB and SonarText. Links to selected bibliography:

“¡Verde Terlingua!”
Life off-the-grid in a Far West Texas border town.  Arthur Magazine, April 2010

“The Sodfather”
Talking shit with California compost wizard Tim Dundon. Arthur Magazine, December 2007

“Country Comfort”
Camping out with Brightblack Morning Light. Arthur Magazine, July 2006

“Diamonds in the Rough”
A trip to the lonely desert mining town of Trona, CA. LA Weekly, October 2004

“Shockwave Rider”
Jennifer Herrema on life after Royal Trux. LA Weekly, September 2004

“Uncle Skullfucker’s Band”
The discreet charm of the Grateful Dead. Arthur Magazine, July 2004

“A Slow, Strange and Grueling Thing”

Venturing behind Northern California’s Redwood Curtain for the Great Arcata-to-Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race. Arthur Magazine, March 2004

“Gettin’ Grown”
El-P and the Def Jux crew talk about high school shenanigans, Steven Seagal, a mother’s love and how to grow up without growing old. URB, May 2002

“Fuck You Heroes”
Autechre gets stoned on a bleak British beach and describe their music as folk, death metal and “an inside-out lung sticking out of the ground.” URB, July/August, 2001

“Higher State of Consciousness”
An account of the protests surrounding the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, including anarchist Web sites,  a small riot, and a goofy rave-friendly political rally. URB, October 2000

“Don’t You Wonder Sometimes, About Sound and Vision?”
An interview with Chris Cunningham, the director of Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker” and “Come to Daddy” videos. URB, May 1999